Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is the Ambassador to North Korea on crack?

Yesterday evening, Paul Waugh's Evening Standard blog noted the rather worrying blog post by Britain's Ambassador to North Korea, Peter Hughes, on the elections in North Korea which he went to observe. The worrying thing in the diplomats post was and is the way he is gushing for praise for the Stalinist state that has millions of its people starving.

In the post, the diplomat pushes out the rather idiotic and what we call in the business "complete bollocks" line that there was 99% turn-out and wonderfully all the candidates were returned with 100% approval. He's goes on to say how wonderful it is to watch the children marching in uniform, singing songs and chanting slogans as they "walk gaily hand in hand".

I'm going to be blunt now and I hope you don't mind, but is Peter Hughes on crack? Opium perhaps? Whatever he's been taking I wouldn't mind some. Anything that can make a supposedly serious mind write such complete crap that marvels in the wonderful spectacle of a secret state having its politically indoctrinated children march through the street must be some "seriously good shit" as they say in the crack house.

Peter Hughes will be praising the tractor statistics next and pushing the DPRK's hilarious propaganda next. Should anyone want to know what that propaganda looks like I suggest bookmarking Croydonian's rather amusing DPRK Watch posts which catalogue the hilarity of the place.


Anonymous said...

One question.

Where was he typing that from?

Unknown said...

Might there just have been a hint of irony here? Is Dizzy an American?

Anonymous said...

Obviously ironic. Unfortunately, too subtle for some.

dizzy said...

"Is Dizzy an American"

I'm not, but Matt Groening is.

Anonymous said...

Where was he typing that from as in gun up the nose syndrome helllloooooo!

Anonymous said...

ScHocking - you type what many of us may be thinking

Presumably the Ambassador was not under the influence of some hallucigenic drugge


Like our Honourable MPs, he is presumably in current receipt of a huge salary and currently anticipating the future receipt of a huge, publicly guaranteed inflation-proof Pension

Will this outburst risk his performance related bonus

wv = varber - what is this telling us