Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raw Stupidity Award goes to Greenwich Council

I've just been looking at the news in my old stomping ground, the London Borough of Greenwich. Greenwich is a Labour stronghold run by a little Hitler type character who is often known to sport a moustache just like the former dictator.

The Council has always excelled in sheer stupidity, and I have just learned that during the snow it surpassed even itself. Whilst Councils were out gritting roads and pavements, Greenwich Council was out using crushed glass, resulting in complaints by cyclists with punctures amongst other things.


J said...

"it has admitted using crushed glass to treat pavements."


"complaints by cyclists with punctures"

Erm...? Cyclists on pavements? Well, I never!

Bob said...

They gritted side suburban streets only after the snow had come and then mainly sprayed the sides of cars.

I wish Eltham could move to another Borough!

Anonymous said...

Crushed glass and no salt?

Cool, you fall down and lacerate yourself.


Anonymous said...


Absolutely. I have sympathy for the pedestrians affected, but the cyclists? Seize their bikes and crush'em.