Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another yacht at another inappropriate time?

Guido is reporting that Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary, spent some time on another yacht at an inapproriate time. Apparently he gatecrashed a party hosted by a Microsoft man, Paul Allen, when he was EU Trade Commissioner and Microsoft was fighting a €497m fine on the subject of trade with the Commission.

So, we have him on a yacht with an aluminium magnate, the magnates financial advisor, whilst he was responsible for such things as aluminium trading deals in the EU, and now he's gatecrashing another party, this time whilst he was responsible for a fine that the party host was facing.

Apparently the hosts were not happy he was there, but it does make you wonder about Mandelson's judgement in thinking it would be appropriate to turn up.


Anonymous said...

Old news, seriously old news. I'm no fan of Mandelson - have hated the twat since a chance encounter waaaay back in about 1993 - but if you want to attack Mandelson this isn't going to do it. Compared to his numerous indiscretions, his rampant ego, congenital dissembling and eveil streak, gatecrashing a New Year's party on Paul Allen's yacht with a couple of hundred other guests is non-news. Hell, we all know how obsessed and infatuated with wealth New Labour is. Talk to coalface workers from the early 90's BBC if you want to know how nasty he can be.

Oh, and Paul really ought to check his facts first.

Anonymous said...

Pity they didn't make him walk the plank.

What is it wiht Mandelson and sailors anyway?

Word Verification: ingsfear...

too bloody right.

Anonymous said...

Still don't see a story appearing on BBC Pravda.

Anonymous said...

Curly15, no, you don't see the story appearing on BBC Pravda, but then again I don't see it appearing on ITV, ITN or Sky News' websites either. Maybe they're all in on the conspiracy as well?

Or possibly it's just a three year old story which never made any particular ripples at the time.