Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He did it and he'll do it again

I'm sure that Fraser Nelson over at the Spectator Coffee House can't really in shock that much at the fact that Brown really did change the whole way debt was calculated in light of the ONS figures showing it was at 43% by putting Northrn Rock off-balance sheet yesterday.

After all, this is a man who has, for the last ten years, been an absolute svengali with statistics. The biggest irony of course is that Brown is running around the world banging on about the immoral bankers who hid debt whilst he himself has become just that with his latest sleight of hand with the liability of Northern Rock on thenation balance sheet.

Given this form, who wants to bet that he's about to do it again on the issue of the cost of fuel? Last week he moaned about the terrible oil companies even though most of petrol cost goes in tax, this morning the Daily Mail is reporting plans to increase the duty on fuel by 2p a litre now the price has dropped.

I bet Fraser won;t be asking "he couldn’t – could he?" this time though. We all bloody know that he will.

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