Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brown gimmick exposed

Anyone remember when Brown came to office and hailed a "new type of politics" where Citizens' juries would shape policy? I know it was a long time ago now but that was now 15 months ago back in July 2007. How many citizen juries have there been one wonders? Well, according to repsonses given to Theresa May MP, not very many at all it seems. The full departmental list is not yet complete but thus far it looks like the following:

* Department for Culture, Media and Sport - 0
* Department for Children, Schools and Families - 1
* Wales Office - 0
* Minstry of Justice - 0
* Leader of the House - 0/1

There is something quaintly amusing about the Ministyr of Justice failing to hold something with "Juries" in the title. however the biscuit has to go to the Leader of the House. When they were asked they simply said that they'd had a "deliberative forum" (hence 0/1) which cost £52,575, had 76 members of the public and concerned itself with
"how people would like to be consulted on the annual legislative programme in the future and how best to consult people on a range of individual bills."
Yes folks, that's right. It cost £52K to hold a consultation with 76 people and ask them how they wanted to be consultated.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for the Sith boys at No 11. Senor Guido might know.

Anonymous said...

There's only one type of politics, and it's hateful.