Sunday, July 20, 2008

Me love you long time

To be an aide to Gordon Brown and get yourself caught in a "honeytrap" by a female Chinese spook and have your Crackberry stolen when you take her back to your hotel is a pretty serious security issue.

I could go on about how the Government are utter incompetents at handling data and security but instead I cannot help but think about how this guy was pulled by remembering the scene from the Kubrick classic Full Metal Jacket.
Spook: Well, baby, me so horny. Me so horny. Me love you long time. You party?
Aide: Yeah, we might party. How much?
Spook: Fifteen dolla.
Aide: Fifteen dollars for both of us?
Spook: No. Each you fifteen dolla. Me love you long time. Me so horny.
Aide: Fifteen dollar too boo-coo. Five dollars each.
Spook: Me suckee-suckee. Me love you too much.
Aide: Five dollars is all my mom allows me to spend.
Spook: Okay! Ten dolla each.
Aide: What do we get for ten dollars?
Spook: Everything you want.
I'm sure it didn't really happen like that, but you can't let an opportunity for a joke pass you by now can you?


Angry Steve said...

I hope she had a cough.

Anonymous said...

How do they know it was a Chinese spook and not just a lady following her chosen profession?

Anonymous said...

Best Chinese takeaway I've heard of!

John M Ward said...

Crumbs! Is it really that easy to undermine the security of a senior security-type bod within the Government machine?

It's at times like this that I feel a little smug at being completely immune to this kind of approach (or any other, for that matter).

Anonymous said...

Do we know wo it was yet?

Anonymous said...

Chinese intelligence must be feckin awesome, how did they find one of Gordon's entourage who liked girls?

Isn't it standard practice these days for the cops to call the Labour Party when they catched middle aged men in hotels, with young boys?

As they say, they're legislating for themselves, thedutch queers have voted Brown the most icky regime on the planet,

they don't like this lovey dovey stuff, they can barely tolerate the idea of gender, and the word 'partner' make them puke.

If sexual liberation has limits, it isn't sexual liberation, it's just a camp joke.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck's a Clanbelly?