Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cameron and colleague in Pigs in Shit™ scandal!

In the past few months on Sundays, Guido has been delivering for his readers a Sunday round-up of sleaze with his Pigs in Shit™ rating for what politicians are doing with their snouts in the proverbial trough. It was thus with much personal amusement that I spotted something in the Register of Members' Interest about the Tory MP for Banbury, Tony Baldry.

Before anyone gets too excited about the potential of some new sleaze scandal, I should say that looking at the listings of MPs expenses on the main Tory website that Tony Baldry claims very little money from the taxpayers pot, however, back in April he did register the following with the House authorities under the 'gifts' section.
Two pedigree Gloucester Old Spot sows as a gift from the North Oxfordshire Conservative Association to mark my having been in Parliament for 25 years.
I'd say, on Guido scale that surely counts, quite literally, as two Pigs in Shit™ no?
Pedigree Pigs in Shit™ actually, and their names, should anyone be interested, are Harriet and Hazel. I can't begin to imagine why Tony didn't put their names on the Register of Members' Interests! Don't they just look so cute though?

Note I: Apologies if this is an old story but it amused me greatly.
Note II: Pigs in Shit™ images shamelessly taxed from the Guiness loving, Claret sloshing Irishman.
Note III: Cameron/Baldry image from Old Spots.


Anonymous said...

More attractive than the real H&H as well

Anonymous said...

And a lot classier, apparently, than the human H&H as well, if I may say so.