Sunday, July 27, 2008

Did they use a conference call service?

This morning's papers will make horrible reading for Brown. The Sunday Times is reporting that Jack Straw's minions are gathering names of supporters, whilst other papers are saying that there have been late night calling amongst senior Labour ministers to discuss the planned coup severity of the situation.

This got me wondering, when they have these little chit-chats with each other do they use a conference calling service? If they do, is it the one that Gordon is now advertising in the place that was the location for his leadership website? I mean, they could make him some money for his retirement as a kind of golden goodbye to sweeten the bitter of their plotting! ;-)


Conand said...

It is ironic that the question at the top of the 'Gordon Brown for Britain' website translates as 'Do you want to communicate???' As this is exactly what Brown seems unable to do.
Well done Dizzy for keeping an eye on Gordon's website. The Brown 'image controllers' don't seem to realise how stupid this makes him look to net-savvy people both in the UK and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is it not rather worrying that various Labour Ministers and ex Ministers seem to be saying that there is no one in the government capable of taking over from Gordon Broon?

It is a rather sad comment on the rest of them.

Letters From A Tory said...

Don't forget that Gordon could organise a conference call of his own with all four of his remaining supporters.

dreamingspire said...

Didn't you blog that security breach weeks and weeks ago? You mean nobody fixed it?