Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tony meets Obama first whilst pressure mounts on Brown

So let's get this straight, Barack Obama arrives in London, he won't be doing a press conference with Brown because of protocol after he didn't do that with McCain. But the first person Obama meets when he arrives in London is Tony Blair. Talk about being overshadowed by your predecessor.

At the same time, Sky News is reporting at the top of the news that Brown is facing a 'full scale rebellion" whilst the BBC says "Ministers get behind Brown". Apparently Jack Straw has backed Brown whilst telling papers he is very "concerned". My favoiur quote has to be this though
"It's not much fun being in supermarkets being shouted at by people.....That is very new after 10 or 11 years."
Brown only has two months according to the Times, the Telegraph says that Cabinet ministers are plotting.


Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is the Ministry of Truth, or rather both of them, Orwell's Beeb and Unity's blog. After the Glasgow East by-election, Orwell's, The Beeb, is spinning for Brown while poor ole Unity [Ministry of Truth blog] is trying to pretend the whole thing didn't happen by burrowing under an American court case; his idea of [Brown-like] being abroad when the going gets tough?

Anonymous said...

The bit you missed was about the need for more spin to communicate our message better. It was a blonde PPS? not sure of her name, but it was on Newsnight at the end.

I am sure her comments went down like a lead balloon..

Anonymous said...

Why do you advertise Bob Piper on your blog, but he has nothing for you?

Get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy - was that a quote from straw, because apparently Dr Ian Gibson (Lab, Norwich North) said exactly the same thing on Newsnight last night.

Is that an official Labour party line - trying to evoke a sympathetic "oh that's going too far" reaction, perhaps?

dreamingspire said...

Was I dreaming or did I hear, late last night on Sky News, over a shot of Obama and Blair, a suggestion that Blair might in future again be PM?

Twig said...

Tony got a standing ovation on his last day in the Commons. I suppose it will be the same for Gordon, before he goes off to become a gold trader.