Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't stop sniggering....

Have just received a press release from the Office of Fair Trading that states,
The OFT has obtained assurances from a Latvian company that it will no longer promote and sell its impotency product, 'STIFF Strips', in the UK. S.I.H.N sent mailings to UK consumers under the name of 'Reprohealth'. The mailings claimed that STIFF Strips were 'five times more powerful than any other impotency pill, spray or cure' and offered packs of STIFF Strips for up to £45 for 168 strips.

Described as a 'new discovery' containing 'powerful anti-impotency agents', mailings made claims about the efficacy of the product, guaranteeing its effects within five minutes and including claims that 'with STIFF Strips you can make love for hours'. The mailings used explicit language to describe the effect of STIFF Strips and testimonials from men who claimed that the product had dramatically improved their sexual performance. The mailings also claimed that the product 'works on women too'.
I just want to say that when I read that I sniggered like a schoolboy. I have nothing of value to add whatsoever other than reading it again has made me snigger once more.

A bit like I sniggered everytime I heard a Sky News presenter say "nazi-style sex orgy" last week even when I was sitting next to them. How they don't crack up sometimes is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Foreign tat full of chemicals.
Go green instead.
Celery is a wonderful aphrodisiac - you just strap it on.

Anonymous said...

Late one night a few weeks ago, SkyText's "News in Brief" section contained this gem, no doubt headlined by a bored sub-ed on night shift:

Smokers have been banned from using a wall-mounted ashtray outside a pub in Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk, after blue tits nested in it.

Not as good as yours, I admit, but it made me laugh.

Pete Chown said...

I wonder how many they sold.

Spammers seem to advertise this sort of thing fairly regularly, so there are obviously people who buy. Posting mailshots is really expensive, though. They'd probably need at least a 1-2% response rate to make money, and I find it hard to believe they could con that many people.

Anonymous said...

Tongue melting strip?

Interesting, however rather defeats the original purpose I say.

Anonymous said...

Works on women too!

Even Harriet?