Monday, July 28, 2008

That new band and their new single

The other day I posted about Hamfatter, the band that made headlines aftyer appearing on Dragons Den. I said then that I would write a bit of review of the single they gave me. Well this is it. Basically it's really very good.

When I was chatting with the lead singer he mentioned that they'd been compared to Pavement and Badly Drawn Boy. They certainly have that Badly Drawn Boy sort of sound to them. Funnily enough I thought of the Lightning Seeds when I heard the single (not a bad thing). The single is definitely catchy and upbeat. There is a kind of happy go lucky feel to them that has been missing in recent years from many of the usual suspect indie outfits.

Think I may have to go and see them gig. The real question is whether I can blag a guest list place, although I would pay anyway, not been to a gig for a while! Anyhow, here's the video and if you have a chance to listen to Sziget (We Get Wrecked) then do it, great track too.

Hamfatter Official site
Hamfatter on MySpace


Anonymous said...

They sound remarkably akin to The Farmers Boys, an old eighties band.

Anonymous said...

Nice music, terrible name.