Saturday, June 14, 2008

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why is it that politicians, the media, and business for that matter, never learn? So there are fuel strikes at the moment in terms of supply. This is because Shell drivers are striking over pay, and there appears to be the likelihood for secondary action by other delivery drivers from other fuel companies. The thing is, currently at least, the fuel companies are saying that there is enough fuel available on the forecourt to go round and ride out the first strike action.

So what do the Government do? They let it be known that the Army is on standby to deliver whilst simulatneously issuing a "don't panic buy petrol" statement. At what point did they not realise that 'crowds' are like children and telling them not do something is probably the quickest way to ensure they do. Thus we have news this morning that pumps are running dry and the Government will issue rationing orders if another strike occurs.

Mind you, there is a nice 1970's feeling to all this isn't there? We have a Government that has increased tax to astronomical proportions, both direct and indirect. Inflation, especially in the cost of food, is out of control. The housing market is crashing, and there are strikes on the horizon that are threatening to bring the country to a griding halt. On the plus side, I filled the car up to the top yesterday, so I'm alright!


It Will Come to Me said...

Private Godfrey rides again.

One things for sure, Gordon Brown "doesn't like it up him" (allegedly).

It Will Come to Me said...


It is of course 'Corporal' Jones.

Sorry Jones.

It Will Come to Me said...


Several Fuzzy Wuzzy have suggested to me that my above comment could be construed to mean that Gordon Brown is one of them.

I would like to appologise and record that this was quite the opposite of my intention.

It Will Come to Me said...

Further Apology.

Friends close to Gordon Brown have taken issue with my comment that GB "doesn't like it up him".

I unreservedly withdraw that allegation.

Anonymous said...

They should just suggest 2 weeks before the strike that everyone keeps their tank topped up. This would spread the load and everyone would be well stocked when the strike starts.

Nich Starling said...

The Daily Express Headline highlights today what a joke Newspaper it is with "panic at the Pumps" being the story whilst every petrol station you pass has no queue at all. Its all an attempt to create a problem and a panic. Rather shameful behviour from the Express to be honest.

haddock said...

it will come to me,

will you please withdraw the nonsensical suggestion that GB has fiends

Anonymous said...


It always strikes me (no pun) in these situations how stupid it is to talk about allowing a maximum fill-up at the petrol station in order to ration petrol.

Surely it should be declared that there is a minimum spend (say £45). So if some idiot wants to keep topping up with five litres a time, then it's up to them to spend £9 per litre. This way it would ensure that the petrol stays in the distribution system rather than being poured into the nation's fuel tanks over one chaotic weekend by morons topping up everytime they go to the shops.


Bill Quango MP said...

It Will Come to Me said...
Rather like your Dads Army idea. Seems to fit this government quite well.

Capt Mainwaring : Gordon Brown
"10p tax rate will hit the poorest people... Yes...Wondered who would be the first to spot that"

Sgt Wilson : Jack Straw
"The PM is speaking, every one gather round now please, come on everyone gather round."

L/Cpl Jones : Yvette Cooper
"Home information packs! Don't panic don't panic"

Pte Frazer : Alistair Darling
"I've looked in the books.We're doomed I tell ye.All doomed."

Pte Walker : Peter Hain
"Fuel Crisis and a smoking ban? I
can get you 5 liters of Unleaded and twenty woodbines no questions asked."

Warden Hodges : Ed Balls
well one likes him do they?

Pte Pike : David Milliband
"Uncle Jack, Mum said it was my turn to be Prime minister next"

Anonymous said...

I've still got my 'Motor Fuel Ration Book' that they issued during the 1970s fuel price surge - so I'll be all right!

Scary Biscuits said...

The real culprit here is lack of foresight by the Government.

Over the last decade and more the oil companies have consolidated their hold on the market by forcing out small independent operators and replacing them with a smaller number of larger stations.

Unfortunately nobody in Government stopped to ask if this was in the national interest. It now appears that the total amount of fuel that can be stored in then nation's petrol stations no longer exceeds the combined volume of the everybody's petrol tanks.

Periodic shortages, therefore, are an inevitable outcome of this intrisically unstable arrangement. The simple way to put an end to fuel shortages is to require the oil industry to keep more in reserve at petrol stations. The competition authority might also investigate whether this consolidation in the industry has led to an effective cartel.

Anonymous said...

Norfolk Blogger says : "Its all an attempt to create a problem and a panic. Rather shameful behviour from the Express to be honest.

Whilst I have sympathy with this point, I do wonder whether this is the same Norfolk Blogger who, on Iain Dale, suggested that 50% of the world's poulation would be dead in fifteen years unless we all adopt a simpler lifestyle. No scaremongering there then.


Anonymous said...

Think of all the fuel duty that Snottie McTwat isn't getting...

So what will he tax next? After all he's hocked the country up to its neck and needs more dosh to feed his horrid habit. At least DD's recent effort gives him a bit of breathing space to think of something. The window tax used to work OK. Fresh air, if you can find any. There must be something...

Anonymous said...

"Mind you, there is a nice 1970's feeling to all this isn't there?"

Indeed there is. All nicely getting prepared for a Tory takeover of the government at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14-Jun-08:48:00
"... suggest 2 weeks before the strike that everyone keeps their tank topped up."
This is what has happened and which is why @ Sat. 6pm 14th June there is no sign of panic buying, no queues and no filling of petrol containers/jerrycans etc. in this neck of the woods.

The entire press, both local and national, have behaved disgracefully for which reason I shall boycott the Daily Telegraph and my local paper for 1 week for rumour-monging ( spellcheck ? yes ! ).

The whole issue is based upon the demands of 600 or so overpaid lorry drivers on nearly £40K p.a. who supposedly have a "dangerous" job ( when did you last hear about a petrol lorry blowing up other than in a Mel Gibson Movie )?
And in any case, their employers should have the right to ask "If you don't; we know a lot of blokes who will"

Bill Quango MP
Thank you, your input is incisive and brilliant; I shall now retire to my collected DVD edition Of Dads Army for the duration.

haddock said...

the poor young buggers out in Iraq and Helmand are driving, not trucks that are 'like bombs' as their trade union bloke said, but are full of real bombs.....and likely to drive over or near others.
Do an exchange, send the whining bloody tanker drivers out there on squaddie pay and let the brave lads drive the tankers for a while on tanker drivers pay.
Dangerous by buggery.... only when one of colleagues falls asleep driving some other sort of lorry.

Anonymous said...

Puir auld Gordo McRuin really is having a hard time of it now. All those rumours of temper tantrums, bullying and public TV Bub-fests. Oh Dearie Moi.

Neues Arbeits will tear itself apart post-gen election days. They will be consigned to the political wilderness of much hair tearing, bleating, gnashing of teeth and whining in "Muchbleating-on-Sea'.

Frederick Burke McSporran III of the English Province of Eurine-Land