Saturday, June 14, 2008

The constituency secretary in another constituency?

And so we reach Sunday and "Nannygate" is back in the press. It appears that whilst being "employed" as Spelman's constituency secretary for a West Midlands constituency - and paid by the tax[ayer - she was actually living in Spelman's home in Kent.

Make of that what you will.


Anonymous said...

Never seen this before. "MP Doesn't Live In Own Constituency Shocker" headline.

Who is to say where she does her constituency work and where her MP's phone number terminates? ZanuLabs candidate for Crewe lives in Wales!

Do you remember when Shaun Woodward bought some grotty boarded up and gutted terrace house for about £3.50 in the constituency that Labour parachuted him in to so that he could claim to be "local"?

I bet that neither he or his butler have ever been there, but I do wonder if his butler is being paid for by the taxpayer to open the post and answer the phone now.

Anonymous said...

Look Dizzy - this is what Spelmans statement said ... lifted from the Guardian

"I accepted the opportunity to have part time administrative secretarial help from Tina Haines because I had advertised my home my consistency office, as there was no other office that Ian Mills had, nor staff in the constituency"

thats ... 'I advertised my home' .. OK the home was not in the constituency. ho hum. Just what has Spelman been doing for the last 8 - 10 years ... thats whats important.

Are you saying that with Blair peddlisng cash for honours for, what - 8 years, and getting away with it (and remortgaging his house 10 times over on expenses) I am going to be bothered about nailing Spelman on some grotty technicality when its clear - well no evidence from anybody - that she's been blameless for all those 8 years.

Anonymous said...

I am not standing up for Caroline, but since the invention of the telephone a couple of centuries ago, it is possible to communicate with people over distances without the use of fire beacons.
To be frank, her secretary could have been working as a waitress in the middle of Australia, as long as she had access to a telephone and post box she could do the job.