Thursday, March 13, 2008

You don't want one of those, you want one of these!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to leave a paid a job and be able to go to a new one and do it for free? Who am I kidding, why would anyone want to work for bugger all? If you were rich you'd think you'd rather relax.

However, Jennifer Moses, one Gordon Brown new special advisors (former Director at Goldman Sachs) is doing just that it seems. In a response to Parliament Brown confirmed that "unpaid special adviser under terms and conditions set out in the Model Contract for Special Advisers".

If I was rich, as I presume Moes is, I wouldbn't bloody go and work in Downing Street for nothing. Although I suppose, when you do it for gratis you ahve the freedom to just walk out when you want. Still, I decided to have a look at the "Model Contract for Special Advisers" and there was a bit in it that made me giggle. One section says,
"You do not have to join the Civil Service pension arrangements. If you opt out, you will build up beneifts in the State Second Pension (S2P) instead. But if you are considering opting out, we strongly recommend that you read the Start Pack before you manke any decision"
I'm thinking the translation for that is along the lines of. "If you're thinking of opting out don't be a bloody idiot. This is a bullet-proof pension compared to the crap we give the proles."


dreamingspire said...

Civil servants have also got into a habit of asking people to work for free. That is because the process for letting small contracts by letter got blocked by the pen-pushers, and explains quite a lot of the lack of common-sense that's happening - no longer able to get peer reviews of all that wonderfully expensive nonsense advice.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes,

this is the woman who had as her secretary the infamous Joyti De-Laurey. As reported in the FT, JD-L stole £1 million from Ms. Moses, without her noticing.

So she should be perfectly suited for a job in No. 10, where they lose billions without noticing.