Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plasma-tastic in Belfast?

We all no how terrible for the environment plasma screens are meant to be, so you'd think that the Government would try not buy them, but just like the huge car fleet, it does. hat concerns me though is how many certain departments have bought.

For example, places like the Home Office, the Solictor-General, and DEFRA have bought no more than 10 in the last couple of years. In fact DEFRA has only bought 4, and the overall costs really hasn't been that much. Justice has managed to buy 397 at just over half a million though. In fairness to them they will be using them for video links at courts and such like though. It's the Northern Ireland office that confuses me really though.

In the last 24 months they've bought 15 plasma screen at a total cost of £106K. The Solictor General spent just £14K on nine. Someone needs to do some checking on procurement, and why does a tiny department need so many? Should you be wondering what the Cabinet Office spent, it seems that with expected regularity they've said they have no central records on what they've bought. Lost in the post I guess.


Anonymous said...

Might be teleconferencing with people in Northern Ireland? That at least would be cheaper and greener than flying there.

Anonymous said...

And why was the average cost in the Solicitor General's Office £1,555 and in the N. Ireland Office £7,067?!!! Any explanations??!!

Anonymous said...

Costs difference suggests TEMPEST proof screens... Google for hint. Could be incompetence of course.