Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stating the bleeding obvious!

Not that I'm boasting as I have chosen to live in South-East London but the news today that Buckinghamshire has the best quality of life of all counties in the countries doesn't surprise me in the least. The county fiercelessly clung on to grammar schools and the 12+ (not 11) for a start, and it is, I must admit, a great place to grow up.

Fields, fun, trees to climb (I'm a boy). It's like stating the bleeding obvious really. One day I will return I think because it is the "Shire", for now I love my life in one of the wost quality of life areas in the country, but I'm not going to lie and say I don't miss looking over Chequers on a nice Sunday afternoon on Coombe Hill!


Anonymous said...

Dizzy, you must have moved to The Smoke a few years ago. Nowadays the move to secondary education takes place at 11+. It was done not for any sound educational reasons, but so that they could better survive the NuLabour government's mandatory pupil testing regime. For if they had continued to show scores reflecting only one year in the upper school instead of two, then knives really would have been out for the Grammar school system.

dizzy said...

I was under the impression that Bucks still had the 12+ which is what I took

Anonymous said...

As someone who used to live in South East London, you're mad to stay there - it's a slum. The one vaguely nice bit is Blackheath, but unfortunately it's an island in a sea of shit.