Friday, February 29, 2008

Off-message Dale?

Should you want an interesting commentary piece to read this mornig, take a look at Iain Dale's piece in the Daily Telegraph about Andrew Lansley and NHS funding. The crux of the article is that Andrew Lansley and other shadow Cabinet members should basically keep their mouth shut on spending and tax, otherwise you end up in a mess as they have done now.

Iain has certainly not pulled his punches with Andrew Lansley's Times interview comments that's for sure. So much for all those people out there who say Iain's nothing more than a mouthpiece for CCHQ.


Anonymous said...

I think you are making the rather peculiar assumption that CCHQ speaks with only one voice - it hasn't been so for many years.

Anonymous said...

Dale isn't a CCHQ mouthpiece, he is a David Davis mouthpiece! Davis is always nasty about people who aren't totally sycophantic towards him.

Anonymous said...

Iain's nothing more than a mouthpiece for CCHQ