Friday, February 29, 2008

Lee Jasper the 'anti-semites' friend?

Lee Jasper, now there's a name that conjures up all sorts of opinions. From odd financial irregularities with taxpayers money, to his ever so special and important role as the Mayor's Equalities advisor that tried to stop Trevor Philips getting his current job. Anyone who attacks Jasper is, according to the Mayor, a racist.

One of the things that Lee Jasper famously did in 2003 was disinvite a rather well known holocaust denier from the US called Baba Martin, who was due to speak about one of his books on a platform with the other well known holocaust denier, David Irving. In his disinvitation letter he said that because of
"[A]nti-Semitic and racist activities including Holocaust denial, the Mayor's Office has decided to withdraw its invitation to you to address the First Voice conference on Saturday 25 October.

The appearance of a close association between yourself and extreme right wing academics and organisations at these conferences has left the Mayor's Office with no alternative but to withdraw its invitation."
Isn't it funny how things change though? A few years later you see, Lee Jasper, the Mayor's anti-racism advisor who dislikes extremist anti-semites and anyone that assoicates with them at events went out of his way to meet the very man in Brixton he had told to sod off, even going so far as to have a photo opportunity with him (see the scan above right from a US newspaper).

Perhaps Lee had been talking to his boss about those nasty evil Jewish concentration camp guards that work for the Evening Standard as journalists and had changed his mind? Not only does a cloud of decidely dodgy dealing hang over his head, but he's also decided that having a jolly with leading anti-semite racists is something that he should now be doing.

Note: Have just seen that Harry's Place found the image I was emailed and commented on Jasper's strange switch in friendship a few weeks ago too.

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