Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Exploding Brown's head digitally?

Not sure I get this video that has just been published on the WebCameronUK channel. That is to say it's the same tune as before, similar format. The main difference is the exploding Gordon Brown head in the middle. that will force you to watch it now.


Anonymous said...

These political parties all miss the point. Why make promises they simply can't keep?

I'd keep it simple.

Improve secondary schools by paying school bullies to keep order. Will provide a future in law enforcement for those young scallywags.

Abolish all taxes and replace with the super giant lottery. Participation would of course be compulsory.

Force all the unemployed into National Service. Unemployment figures will drop to zero.

We will also be able to create a new era of British Imperialism by invading mainland Europe and forcing them all to eat steak & chips.

Anonymous said...

All that extra work and you still can't read the fucking text.

Rubbish in the first degree

Anonymous said...

The exploding Gordon was always there.

Anonymous said...

Don't make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

All the Green-Freak bollocks is ensuring the Conservatives won't get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Is that the chill out music DC used after he needed a come down after all that "normal student experience"?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sloganeering bullshit.

Elby the Beserk said...

Splendid. And odd. I usually ask my partner, each morning, when she checks the Beeb news site - "Has Gordon Brown's head exploded yet?", and until now, she has always had to reply "No".

We live in hope