Monday, January 28, 2008

Purnell doesn't think Brown is doing a great job yet?

It would appear that James Purnell is not sure about Gordon Brown right now. In an interview with the Independent he was asked by reader why Gordon Brown had been such a disasterous Prime Minister. In response he said that Brown wasn't a disaster but then added at the end 'he has the strategy and determination to be a great Prime Minister'.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement then. After all he doesn't say he is a great Prime Minister he just says he could be. That's a bit like me saying that I could be a great weightlifter because of determination, whilst ignore the fact I'm quite a puny little thing and so cannot ever be great no matter how much i want to be. Purnell's answer is telling because of what he fails to say, and what he fails to say is what everyone knows.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand Brown's dithering about. He only gets one chance at the PM job so he ought to give it his full efforts. Surely being either a good PM or a one that tried but failed PM, is better than being a PM who just dithered.

Anonymous said...

You sure it wasn't a photoshopped copy of Purnell that was interviewed?

Anonymous said...

Your comments well made. I see from Purnell`s CV-Think tank and BBC- he quickly adapted to expenses culture- one of HoC`s top spenders. Should do well in his new job -like the Beeb and Broon "spending other peoples money"


Anonymous said...

Purnell is clearly not going to say anything damaging but, like you said, omissions can often be more damaging the statement itself. Saying Gordon Brown MIGHT become decent in future is pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Brown is an unelected squatter at Number 10, he should go.

Anonymous said...

According to the papers this morning, Purnell thinks Gordon Brown is the heir to Blair.

Eh?! James, are you sure about that ? LoL

We know that Obama is the heir to JFK. That is perfectly clear. Go Obama!

However, Brown stepping into Blair's shoes? Oh pleazzzze... stop making me laugh... the irony of it all.


Bob Piper said...

Or it could be like someone saying "James Vaughan has the skill and determination to be an Everton great."

In other words, he has the potential to be one of Everton's all-time great strikers, but at the moment he hasn't been doing it long enough for anyone to place him at that level.

Was it just a quite morning for you dizzy?

Little Black Sambo said...

I am not sure who James Purnell is, so cannot see why what he thinks about Brown matters.

Barnacle Bill said...

I don't know who James Vaughan is, but I do know that Mr. Bean had the potential, he just bottle'd it.
Especially when it came to overthrowing Tony Wot's Name.
Now he is just Mr. Has-Bean in my eyes.