Monday, January 28, 2008

Government endorses drug taking?

So ermmmm it's OK to get off your head if you don't drive? Glad that's sorted then!
From the Glastonbury website


Anonymous said...

I think it's sensible in it's lack of sensibility. There is no use in us pretending problems don't exist just because of laws. No-one would advocate the use of drugs in government, but is it sensible to then ignore the law breakers and not also try to remind people hat drugged driving is worse?

Of course I have my own doubts over how useful and effective such messages are in any situation, but at least they are something. I'd very much hate for us to live in a society where we pretended just because the big boys tell us we can't do something, that everyone follows their orders.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's surprising to see such a sensible approach from the government, but otherwise what's the problem? Shouldn't we be welcoming this outbreak of common sense?

Anonymous said...

So, the don't drive and drink poster makes it OK for people to drink then?

Dizzy, how ungeekly of you.

A=> B != B => A

RobW said...


Anonymous said...

But if you are as high as a kite, is it possible to think rationally? Where are my car keys....?

Anonymous said...

Ermmmm I think you'll find that it IS OK to get off your face when not driving. Have you never even been drunk Mr Dizzy?

Besides which could you kindly justify how the hell it could ever be your, or any other third party's business what an individual puts in their OWN body, regardless of the effects that may have on their OWN mind.

..and if there was ever a setting when even the most closed minded & dogmatic reactionary might expect drugs to be consumed, well Glastonbury is it.

Anonymous said...

i do most of my driving at week end on amphetamines which dont affect your capability to drive makes you more aware of whats goin on cannabis and pills stuff like that affect you. amphetamines jst make me drive pointless miles for sumet to do.