Friday, January 25, 2008

The non-answer answer

Back in December, Conservative MP Michael Fallon tabled a question to the Chancellor which appeared in the Question Book for answer on January 7th 2008. The question asked "what fees have been paid by his Department for advice on Northern Rock to (a) Goldman Sachs and (b) Slaughter and May." Has the Treasury answered yet? Nope.

Obviously when you don't get an answer the best thing to do is ask them when they will answer the question as he did yesterday. This time they said there answer was that they would answer "[v]ery shortly. The Treasury regrets not having done so earlier."

Think they might have something to hide or be embarassed about? Aftr all, Northern Rock and the taxpayers money goes hand in hand. How much more has had to be spent of the taxpayers money to get advice that the solution would lie in taxpayers money?


anthonynorth said...

The stalling is as disgusting as the issue. More evidence of NuLa contempt of the Parliamentary system, and democratic accountability itself.

Alex said...

Goldmans will probably be paid a success fee, so there isn't much to say on that - although idf they are being paid a retainer that will be pretty breathtaking. The answer on S&M is probably still sitting in their billing system but will be enough to make some Treasury mandarin choke on his cornflakes when he sees it.

Barnacle Bill said...

Dizzy I posted this the other day, I think the same sentiments apply to what the advisor's fees will be!

CityUnslicker said...

they won't know the fee, undoubtedly it is success based which means it will be a nice 8 figure sum when all is said and done.

9 figures might be pushing it; but then Goldman's are famed for that.

Unsworth said...

Very shortly is a non-answer.

Anonymous said...

Sit Down, brace yourself.

There is a very good reason why Gordon Must save Northern Rock, he is desperate to ensuse that People do not find out that the Money deposited is no longer there.

Our Whole Banking system is a Fraud, the Bank of England is NOT Englands Bank, it is a Private Company Owned By Rothschilds.