Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still travelling first class at nearly a million a month

Back in September I posted about the Department of Work and Pensions spending £9.48 million on first clas rail travel in 12 months to that date. Yesterday they were asked the question again saying that from November 2006 and October 2007 the spend was £11,650,293.

That's effectively an extra £2 million on first class tickets in a month. As with the last time it looks like far from following the Civil Service and Ministerial Code which states "Departments and agencies must ensure that staff use the most efficient and economic means of travel", the DWP is continuing to take the proverbial.


Mr Eugenides said...

Shame they couldn't have spent an extra £50 sending the "junior manager" to deliver those discs by hand, eh?

Anonymous said...

If I'm a civil servant, and I am not paying for my ticket, and my company is not going to lose profit from it which will therefore not impact on my bonus or performance, why would I choose economy over comfort, and in the process be forced to endure the conditions that the plebs endure on the railway which my colleagues at DfT have created, er, destroyed?

Anonymous said...

Because it's not "your" money, it's ours. And the people will continue to do so until they are told, in no uncertain terms, that the money is to get value from, not to squander.

By doing so maybe the railways would need to work a bit harder, and our money would go a bit further.

Funny how people talk about approving of how markets work, but only insofar as they affect OTHER people!

Angry Steve said...


Because it's not your money?