Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pouring porridge on the military covenant

If ever you wanted proof that UK military personnel are treated poorly by the powers that be then just take a look at the average spend per day on food for those in non-operational postings. According to the Government, Army and RAF personnel (on base) get £1.63 per day spent on them, and the Navy (when in port), gets £1.78 per day.

Now compare that with the average spend per day on food for those men and women serving at Her Majesty's Pleasure. £1.87. Those in a Young Offenders' Institute get a budget of £3.81 per day, over double the armed forces.

Now I realise some might say that prisoners are entitled to be fed. And it would be entirely disingenuous of someone to interpret the post as suggesting that they shouldn't. What is important here is that a bloody hero like Johnson Beharry VC - who was doing his duty - is catered for on less state money than some scumbag like Ian Huntley who was and is a scumbag.


Anonymous said...

Often said, but prisoners also get more spent on their food than children.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until the labour party who hate the armed forces and the police leave office.

They are shits you know.

Anonymous said...

From an email sent to XXXXX.........

Joan Martin, a UKIP member, and former PPC for Winchester has produced a most interesting piece of research, and by so doing has answered questions such as these:

“Why is Gordon Brown so determined to force this treaty down our collective necks when it is clear that he has no mandate to do so, there seems to be a huge majority of people against it and he appears to be in danger of committing political suicide by doing so?

Can someone explain to me why? What is so worth throwing away 1000 years of “we the people” culling our freedoms and rights, such as they are, from an uncaring aristocracy just to give it away to an uncaring bureaucracy? “

Joan Martin’s research is set out below:


The Abolition of Private Property

The Abolition of the Family.

The Abolition of Countries and Nationalities.

The Abolition of all Religions, morality and Religious Liberty, this shows the Hegelians Idealism.

The Abolition of Freedom of conscience. In a Democracy people believe in the freedom to choose.

The word Communist covers anyone who aspires to World Government.

Marxism works towards achieving World Government and World Dictatorship.

Marx and his friends Engles and Balunin received their ideas from Moses Hess the founder of the German Social Democrat Party. Moses Hess taught that to gain a World State it could only be brought about by a revolution using class and racial hatred. He said race struggle is primary, class struggle is secondary.”

Mikhail Balunin said “That what ever the name or label of those who aspire to world government they must be prepared to awake the devil in people and stir their passions for them to act.” Passion as with football hooligans, vandals and various peace groups and the race groups.


Marx wrote three requirements for those who wished to join the fight for World Government.

1 To read the Communist and Revolutionary teachings of Marx and associates and work accordingly.

2 To work to destabilise nations both morally and financially.

3 To work to gain political control of the MONEY supply and the ASSETS of each Nation and put them BEYOND the REACH and CONTROL of each Government by ensuring that nations become INTER-DEPENDANT on each other for FOOD, MACHINERY and through LOANS.

Marx also said, “Steps should be taken to provide a master race to produce Leaders and Dictators”

There's a lot more but it's too long to post.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, when the British Amry is Culled, then Blackwater UK can take over.

Surreptitious Evil said...

If you really want to annoy squaddies, have a look at the daily rate of food allowance for MOD police dogs. It's somewhat more than £1.63.

Anonymous said...

Unless we are away on Operations (when the amount spent on food is significantly higher) then the soldiers pay the £1.63 themselves as a monthly sum. At least they used to. The army is now moving to Pay As You Dine - i.e a normal cafeteria where you pay for what you eat. Many soldiers are now realising what a good thing they were on before.