Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 387654!

It appears that I forgot to wish everyone Happy New Year last week. So I'm doing it now in order to be in keeping with everyone else. Personally I've always been of the mind that every day is technically New Years Eve and/or New Years Day. I've also always assumed that this must be the reason that people become alcoholics.

After all, it's an excuse to get drunk and they've clearly understood that as each temporal moment turns it is exactly(ish) 365.25 days since the last time that the planet was in that position in its orbit of the sun (approximately at least (that should stop the pedants!)).

Anyway, Happy 387654!*
* This was a random number chosen by me for comic purposes and I know it made no one laugh.


Damon Lord said...

It didn't make me laugh, but it certainly made me smile at the randomness of it. I like it.

Anonymous said...

It's 10th May, 2961! I thought it was 39447?

Anonymous said...

I think it was 387665.