Monday, December 31, 2007

He loves the forces does Brown!

It never ceases to amaze me these days how Gordon Brown will say things and seemingly doesn;t think about how it will come back to haunt him. As has been evident this week from the press releases out from Government and Number 10, he's a little bit nervous that people don't think he takes the care of military serviceman seriously.

After being slated by the top brass, David Cameron, The Sun, and many others, almost every week we get a press release about how much he is doing for the Armed Forces. Yesterday we were subjected to one where he said he would ensure the Armed Forces woould have "all the resources they need for our defence and their own safety".

Now I apologise profusely for using anecdotal evidence and if you choose to believe it's bollocks then so be it, but I've been told of a tale from a soldiers mothers that some forces personnel in Afghanistan are having to use their mobile phone cameras on reconnaissance missions.


Unsworth said...

MoD made a serious attempt to ban the use of mobile phones which many troops were using to record the 'action'. It's not clear how or how far this is being policed, but that would seem to contradict the use of mobiles on reconnaisance.

That said I would not be in the least bit surprised that troops are having to supply their own equipment - viz lack of proper boots, flack jackets, appalling living conditions, etc etc.

Brown's definition of 'need' is a matter of (his) opinion. It has nothing to do with the actual operational requirements. And what does he really know about military action?

kinglear said...

I've heard this too - presumably from a completely different source

tgf ukip said...

"After being slated by the top brass, David Cameron etc." Cameron, however, is in no position to slate Brown on this issue as his SocDem Tories are shrinking from promising to spend any more on defence than Labour - watch the pathetic Fox squirm when questioned on this. In the current edition of The Spectator, the well-informed, Fraser Nelson writes, "As for defence, it is likely to have an even smaller slice of the Conservative pie than its ever shrinking share of Mr Brown's budgets." Yet another good reason why no real conservative should vote for the Cameron SocDems.