Friday, December 28, 2007

Government launches century old policy?

What a funny day today has been. Hegel always said history repeats itself, and then the National Archives releases documents showing that 30 years agio Callaghan was willing to resign over a ptoential strike from the Police about their pay rise. Then, just a few moments ago, Hazel Blears' Department for Communities and Local Government puts out a press release titled "Helping soldiers into homes". The announcement has been made by Yvette "I get the taxpayer to cover my whopping great second mortgage ha ha ha" Cooper.

So what's the Hegelian connection? Well as soon as I read the thing all I could think of was "Homes Fit For Heroes" in the early 20th Century. That was a load of hot air and bollocks too and led to the creation of huge slums and sink estates. The rather irritating thing is that it's a pathetically transparent piece of spin. The press release says that the commitment is "further demonstration of the Government's ongoing commitment to our Service Personnel."

The fact that they feel the need to stress that it is a "further demonstration" tells you everything you need to know. Firstly, that the announcement is cosmetic. Second that they're on the ropes about the military and it scares the shit out of them.

N.B. Is it just me, or does Cooper have teeth like a chipmunk/beaver?


kinglear said...

I thought it actually WAS either a chipmunk or THE chipmunk

Unsworth said...


But Cooper does have a beaver like a chipmunk.

Anyway, the military have got rather longer memories than the Ministers, so NuLab have had it as far as the troops are concerned. After all, all this bollocks about new homes hides the fact that actually it's not new money or new buildings, merely a redesignation of existing MoD (i.e. taxpayers') money. Most of it will be spent on renting back former MoD properties from private companies who bought them when they were flogged off as a result of further reductions in the armed forces.

And losing life or limb or so is for ever, not just tomorrow's headlines. Would you cross the street to shake this woman by the hand?

Anonymous said...

I shrieked and my hair stood on end when I saw Ms Cooper's photo - anyone know if there's a phobia for her?

I mean, Dizzy, did your REALLY have to put that up? My day was going quite well up to now.

Everything she touches turns to useless driftwood. Shall I go on?

Anyway, can you please put up some new posts so others don't have to suffer like I just did. Ta.

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

Chipmunk maybe but no way are Cooper and Beaver synonymous.

Tameside Eye said...

I thought it was a man.

She looks a bit like Ruthus the Dufus Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Hegel ,he was the guy in The Monty Python show. You've got to be a Public School Twit or a Michael Palin fan to do this bloody blog !

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a line from Grandad in an early episode of "Only Fools and Horses".
"They promised us homes fit for heroes. What we got was heroes fit for homes."

Anonymous said...

She looks like a nun or a PE teacher - so does Ruth Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Labour has no credibility when it comes to the armed forces.

From cut backs, to lousy equiptment to a part time defence secretary they are fooling nobody.

CityUnslicker said...

she looks too happy on her bloody mortgages more like.

could anyone really imagine being married to ed balls though?

Anonymous said...

I agree with my chums tizzy and canvas.
Why Dizzy?? Why???

Displaying Yvette "fucking corrupt bitch" Cooper without a health warning is 'totally unacceptable' as our dear PM would say. In response to this incident the government should:

1: Raise Taxes and spend more.
2: Have an inquiry.
3: Call a COBRA meeting.
4: Make sure everybody knows they are having a COBRA meeting.
5: Say it was 'totally unacceptable' again.
6: Make sure everybody knows they are holding an inquiry.
7: Point out that Brown wasn't there and wasn't involved in any way.

Newmania said...

Cooper is also the one entrusted with the great Milton Keynsing of the South....Your 8 for 2008 was brill as well.
Ancient numerical systems were usualy not decimal but often um.....twelves which are easier. Base 10 was an arbitary EU imposition during an earlier plot to unite Europe by force ..

Anonymous said...

You should see the state of the MOD housing at RAF Brize Norton they are concrete prefabs full of asbestos and painted through in magnolia loads of em are derelict and held up with girders.When my daughter got posted out she went on a Tristar which is nearly 40yrs old.That vile creature cooper should be dragged there and locked in one for...well ever really.

Ben Bow said...

Up'ere in Norfok, she don' look like them things you say . . but if you ask me I'm thinkin' she look like them Coypus we 'av 'ad before! Reel ugly to look at . . .sum might say they were a fright . . . but after they been trapped and skinned they was very good eatin'.