Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tonight on Radio Four

Should you be lucky enough to listen to the iPM show on BBC Radio 4 this evening between 5.30 and 6 you may hear yours truly in a short discussion with Lynne Featherstone MP about politician's use of the Internet and blogs. This is assuming they manage to edit it into five minutes as the actual discussion lasted eleven. The full thing will be available as a podcast.

I'm sure that I said something stupid but that's life I guess. I'm posting via email from my phone so there are no links but I will edit it later. Hopefully my robust defence of anonymous comments that took the form of 'don't read them' will get past the cutting room floor. I will do a post tomorrow expanding on what I said a bit.

Update: Here's is the full 11 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Dizzy, I hope to catch up with the podcast if I miss the programme.

Anonymous said...

er...I fear the bit about anonymous comments *has* been left on the cutting room floor. Sorry. It wasn't easy choosing what to leave out, but with so much good stuff, something had to give way. But people *can* hear the whole 11 minutes by going to

Anonymous said...

comments *has* been left

people *can* hear

Is this business of putting words inside asterisks the written way of doing that annoyingly puerile hands in the air, waggling two fingers, way of showing quote?


Gwil ap Tomos

dizzy said...

It's a Internet way of *stressing* a word when using plain text instead of html which lets you use bold.

Anonymous said...

OK Ta.Got it.

Oral= hands up, waggle two fingers
Html = use bold facility
Internt= use*

Gwil ap Tomos

Anonymous said...

Dizzy if you can ammend the one I poated a few secs ago to say

By the way Anon I was not having a pop at you personally.

Hanfg on,Should I apologise to an Anon. No, bollox to that leave it as it is Dizzy.

Gwilap Tomos

Mostly Ordinary said...

Did she grab any BBC stationary?

Anoneumouse said...

Not keen on your choice of shade of lipstick. ;-)

dizzy said...

errrrr... *thick moment* not following.

Iain Dale said...

I do believe you have a 'telephone voice'!

dizzy said...

guilty as charged

Anonymous said...

How did you do that? Do you need dream waiver? I'd love to be able to do that for a blog I'm involved in.


dizzy said...

Do you mean the embedded podcast?