Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A quick note of thanks...

Thanks to the judges who scored me highly enough to make me second in Iain's "Guide to Blogging 2007: Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs". I was judge in the category and I'm pretty sure I ignored myself, or I gave myself ten out ten for everything.

I can't remember as I have a memory like a sieve. Let's hope it was the former, but if it was the latter then it may be how I managed to beat Guido (and to think they say cheats never prosper! :-D )
N.B. I genuinely cannot remember if I scored myself or not.

Update: I have been reliably informed by someone (not Iain) that I may indeed have judged myself and scored myself as outstandingly brilliant. It was of course a fair reflection of myself.


Anonymous said...

Dizzy, I'm thrilled and delighted for you, just posting on this myself. Congratulations.

S said...

Not a surprise... well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dizzy,

You know there are so many blogs out there, I don't read many. But I have come to read yours every day!

Good work and keep it up!

kinglear said...

If you can't vote for yourself it's definitely not worth voting for anyone else

Nicodemus said...

Well done mate!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It's well deserved.

Caught the last half of Blogger TV and Vox Politix last night on 18DS. It was a solid performance you put in.

Can't believe that someone actually brought up the "Mandela is dead" joke, though.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

His Grace sends many congratulations.


James Higham said...

Congrats, Diz - fully deserved and even higher.

Newmania said...

No suprise Dizzy.Always funformative and infotainment

Ted Foan said...

I didn't vote for you - but then again I didn't have a vote. How democratic is that?

But you and Chris Paul are my favourites.

No, sorry I meant you and Iain Dale (I always get him confused with Chris because their blogs seem to cover the same topics - within 13 hours of each other, usually).

But seriously (ha!), you continue to stimulate, fascinate and micturate on the absurb, imcompetent and incoherent. Keep it up young man.

Tapestry said...

maybe you can help me again as you did last time Dizzy.

The hackers are at me again..as per they've been into tapestrytalks.typepad.com and changed my user name and password. I try to access my blog using the new username and password they've used, and it assumes I'm asking for a 14 day free trial on a new blog and doesn't give me access.

If I use my previous username and password, it does not recognise them.

Maybe you top bloggers and computer geek-types have access to folk higher up in the system than I do to undo the penetration.

I will quit tapestrytalks.typepad.com for now as I have little choice and go back to the-tap.blogspot,com which has been unblocked for a while now. Although originally I had to quit that one as that was jammed up strangely, possibly the work of hackers too.

Anything you can do for me Dizzy? - just as I'm put on the list of right wing bloggers, I'm bollocksed.

you're still only number 2.

Praguetory said...

You scoundrel. Congrats on the number 2 spot anyway.