Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prezza in second jabbing incident?

Conference is always full of gossip, and the hacks will always be looking for a scoop of course. They were doing it last week, they're doing it this week, and no doubt they will be doing it next week too.As it happens I've just heard a rather amusing bit myself.

Apparently Cathy Newman from Channel 4 News learned that Johns' Prescott and Reid might have been paid to do BBC interviews in contravention of BBC guidelines - serious stuff if true given the Blue Peter cat incident and other assorted scandals the corporation have faced recently.

When she went to ask Prescott about it, he's said to have jabbed his finger at her (not fist), called her a silly girl, and then put his hand over the camera that was with her. I guess that John is still John?

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Alex said...

Interviewer: "Mr. Prescott, what do you charge for interviews?"
Prescott: "£250 for 3 questions."
Interviewer: "Isn't that rather a lot?"
Prescott: "Yes. What's your third question?"