Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The impact of television expsure should not under-estimated

Now some people might read this post and say "well you would agree with it, you're a Tory" but Danny Finkelstein over at Comment Central has done an excellent commentary piece on the election fever that is sweeping the political obssessives of the nations.

It's the second to last paragraph, and the last sentence in particular that caught my eye though.
Of course, the Tories present a tempting target. It’s very hard to see them winning a majority in an autumn. But is it so hard to see them depriving Labour of its majority? There are serious contradictions in the Tory strategy. Perhaps even insoluble ones. A short dash to the polls might allow Mr Cameron to go to the country without even trying to resolve them. Anyone who can’t conceive of Mr Cameron appealing to undecided voters in a burst of television exposure is demonstrating a failure of imagination.
He's spot on here I think. Sure, if there was a an election within minutes of announcing it Brown would have the upper-hand. But it would be dangerous for anyone to under-estimate the power that a campaign, with its blanket coverage, can gain any politician.

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