Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brown attends a "gay disco"

Apparently, Gordon Brown attended a "gay disco" last night hosted by Stonewall at the Labour Conference. Now, personally, as someone who dislikes identity politics with a passion, I just call it a "disco" because what the attendees choose to do with their genitalia really has got bugger all to do with who they are if you excuse the pun.

However, what I thought was interesting was the comment on LabourHome which asked the question "Another attempt to blur out his poor voting record?". They were of course referring to this Pink News investigation which noted that Brown has never attened Parliament for votes on gay rights since Labour was in power.

Something tells me that this probably won't really be a problem for Brown. What might be a problem though is this rather 1980s assumption by many on the Left that it is the somehow the natural home for gay people.

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Tapestry said...

many limerick writers on guido yesterday convinced gordon is gay.

andrew marr's new book says that 'Mandelson was fixated on Brown' at one time, but that Blair and mandelson 'adored' each other. strong language from the beeboid.

was there more than jealousy about merely power between Blair and Brown?

Interesting revelations from Clarissa Dickson in Spilling The Beans that Blair was into junior male colleagues, when he was a barrister.