Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pointless Government trivia

Apparently the Home Office owns absolutely no land in Wales. This is what the Home Office minister Liam Byrne said in response to a question from Paul Murphy MP anyway. I realise it's nerdy to find this interesting, but surely the Home Office must have some sort of departmental presence in Wales?

Does this mean they're renting office space instead? Perhaps they're sharing with some other department? Or maybe they've just given up Wales? I need to know dammit! My trivial curiosity will drive me insane if I don't find out!

Update: Peter Black AM has commented wondering about prisons. The four Welsh prisons are own by the Ministry of Justice, not the Home Office. MoJ also owns sites in Cwnbran and Newport and a diary farm called Cilwrgi Farm. I wonder if they get dairy subsidies for it?


Peter Black said...

Dont they even own the prison?

dizzy said...

Justice owns those now.

Anonymous said...

Do Police Stations come under the Home Office, or are they now under the Welsh Assembly?