Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mod/BAE revolving door?

Yesterday I posted about a Parliamentary question which, at its heart, concerned the perception of a revolving door between Whitehall and certain private sector organisations. In the specific example it was the Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems.

Yesterday it seems the subject was expanded on slightly, and it transpires that since 2006, 33 MoD staff have been given permission to work for BAE Systems. This is not in itself a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with someone leaving the Civil Service and getting a job elsewhere, and I say that before someone with limited intellectual faculties suggests I might be saying otherwise.

However, it is interesting to note that just under 25% of those 33 people (eight to be precise) when working at the MoD were involved in the receipt of tenders from BAE and the awarding of contracts to BAE. Now that really does smell a little bit iffy, and it's not last night's curry.

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