Monday, July 30, 2007

Is Hodge helping Harman to accessorise?

There is a rather odd entry in the last published Register of Members' Interests. Apparently, Margaret "The BNP have a point" Hodge gave a personal donation to Harriet Harman of an undisclosed sum on July 17th. Whilst the figure is not disclosed it must be at least £1000 as that is the level set for entry on to the register of sponsorship which it is entered under.

Interestingly though Harman has not (as yet) submitted it to the Electoral Commission, as with all her other Deputy Leadership donations (£18,050). So was the money a late donation for the deputy leadership or was it for something else?

It's all rather perculiar, an MP chucking a few quid at another MP (Mandelson/Robinson aside). Especially when the other MP is one you've locked horns with in the past. Maybe Hodge felt sorry for Harman in the Blears handbag stakes and wanted to help her out?

Or maybe Harman has something on Hodge? Perhaps a video? Click click, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more a nudge is a good a wink to blind man? It could all just be part of the great sisterhood though... ooo err.. nudge!

Update: It's been pointed out in the comments I am a fool because it's not the Margaret Hodge but a different one. In which case, why did Harriet Harman register it as "Margaret Hodge MP (personal donation). (Registered 17 July 2007)" here, and just in case TheyWorkForYou is not good enough, here's the register at Parliament. Maybe it's Harriet Harman who is the fool?


Anonymous said...

it's a different hodge, you fool.

dizzy said...

oh really? - It says Margaret Hodge MP there doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

they work for you has got it wrong. looked into this one, promise.

dizzy said...

Parliament too?

Croydonian said...

Anon - further and better particulars, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Hope you'll taken this in the spirit it was intended. I'm the fool, was lead up garden path. The Register, theyworkforyou and - now - Dizzy are all right.