Monday, July 30, 2007

Why did they need new computer hardware?

When the new Ministry of Justice was set up, the proposal was that essentially some stuff that was at the Home office would move into the Department of Constitutional Affairs and the DCA would simply change its name.

Apparently this wasn't going to cost very much money as it wasn't the creation of a new department as such but more a simple reogranisation. All the people doing roles would carry on doing their roles, the department name Minister at the top was all that really changed.

This isn't strictly true though, the change actually cost us £1.59 million. Including, bizarrely, spending £700,000 on new IT capital hardware. What I'm confused about here is that if it was a straight re-org why the need to spend almost a million on IT hardware? Did they all get shiny new systems?

Communications, including the new logo (which is just a royal crest isin't it?) had a budget of £130,000 and they spent £275,000 on new offices and signage. I'm not sure on what the breakdown between those two things is, and I can understand spending some money on signage, but new offices? Does this mean that the Home Office now has large amounts of offices empty or has everyone just got more desk real estate?


Anonymous said...

one and a half million?
Thats fucking cheap. A few pence each?

flashgordonnz said...

It's not fucking cheap when there's how many old ladies needing a hip replacement. You stupid socialist prat.
Apologies if you were being ironic: I left my magnet at home.

Anonymous said...

If they have to keep seperate systems (which is seems logical) I can see some new server and storage hardware getting bought. However, what techy wouldn't try to get shiny new kit even if they didn't need it? I know I would, just to keep my hand in, and it's not that hard to spend 1.5 million, as you'll be well aware.