Monday, June 25, 2007

Sedgefield by-election mobilisation underway?

Have just heard that the Labour Party has begun mobilising its forces for a by-election in Sedgefield. There are also unconfirmed rumours that Wednesday is going to have one last little "surprise".

Historically the Labour Party have held multiple by-elections on the same day in its seats to squeeze Lib Dems resources, so I wonder if it will be on the same day as Ealing Southall?

Update 04:01: So Blair is about to become some sort of International envoy to the Middle East? Hmmmmm.


Ted Foan said...

Makes sense for Blair to step down as an MP at the same time as handing over to Brown. He's going to be doing a lot of travelling soon so won't have time for the Friday surgeries.

Trubes said...

May be Cherie will stand !

Christopher Glamorgan said...

What a total waste of money. Should make them both continue with their constituency work until the end of this parliament - unless I can be parachuted in to win one of their seats :>D

Chris Paul said...

Labour may add in two or three or four more to really stretch those Lib Dem chancers.

Chris Paul said...

Could the surprise be Henman in the second round of Wimbledon?

No? I still think there will be a couple more by-elections, at least one (Prezza) anyway.

Are they going to have a resignation honours list? Or did they sack that over the Levy problem?

If they have "part one" I feel Baron Prescott, Baroness Beckett and perhaps Viscount Campbell (Alistair not Menzies) coming on.

Sean Miller said...

Ming Campbell isn't going to get a peerage anytime soon, vetoing Gordon's secondment of Paddy Ashdown... I wonder if he will add insult to injury by also vetoing Gordon's desire to put Shirley Williams on the team?!!?

Incidentally, by-election 19th July... today 28th July... 3 weeks... isn't that cutting it rather fine in terms of time to campaign?!?! If Labour had already set the campaign planning in motion do you think so would the other parties?! Did people expect Tony to resign so soon?!