Monday, June 25, 2007

"New" is back!

When Blair announced his resignation all those weeks ago, the Labour Party had a radical overhaul of their website. Something else that happened was the purging of all things "new". The phrase "new Labour" no longer appeared anywhere on the website, it was like a truly Soviet handover of power where the history of what had passed was to be purged.

However, this morning it is back. It's not "new Labour, new Britain" anymore though. Now it's "new Labour for Britain" (draped in a Union flag). So why the sudden reversal? Has there been some snap focus group research that show the "Labour" brand remains more tainted than the "new Labour" one? Or is it just a sop to the Blairites? One thing is for sure though, there's absolutely nothing "new" about the Labour leadership team.

1 comment:

Chris Paul said...

A rest is as good as a change. But the "new" is a real pain and should have been left out in the cold.