Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interesting timing....

When the news broke that Ford were thinking of selling Jaguar and Landrover it didn't take long for the inevitable Early Day Motion to appear raising concerns about how a sell-off might impact on jobs in the different factories around the country. One of the signatories was the MP for Liverpool, Wavertree Jane Kennedy.

As some might know, Jaguar have a plant in Liverpool at Halewood so it's perfectly understandable that a local MP would be concerned about the potential impact (if a sale happened) of the plant shutting down. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Jane Kennedy has talked about Jaguar and the Halewood plant in Parliament.

Back on the 6th June (a few weeks before the Ford story broke) she was praising the Jaguar Halewood plant saying it had a "groundbreaking production process that is driven by new technology", and went on to ask the Secretary of State at the DTI, Alistair Darling if he would visit the plant.

There's nothing whatsoever wrong with that of course, and I'm sure it's purely a coincidence that, on the same day she was asking Darling to come and visit the Jaguar plant, she also entered into the Register of Members' Interest that she "received the loan of a Jaguar XK8 car for a weekend from the Ford Motor Company."

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