Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fraser Nelson: How Harman Won

There's an excellent bit of analysis by Fraser Nelson over at the Spectator Blog about how Harriet Harman managed to win the Labour Deputy Leadership with a neat reference to Auf Wiedersehen Pet. He recalls a time when the lads decide to vote on what colour to paint the hut and how they;re all aghast when the colour pink wins.
"Neville explained that no one voted pink as their first choice – it had come through on second- and third-preferences. “Brilliant” said Oz. “So everyone gets what nobody wants.” That sums it up what’s just happened for Labour."
I wonder how many Labour activists are right now saying "proportional representation for Parliament. Not on your life!"?


Buenaventura Durruti said...

But according to the BBC "In the first round she was first choice among Labour Party members". So Fraser's got it wrong.

Actually the process has "worked" and labour party members (and presumably activits) have got exactly what they wanted.

How it will work out is another question.

Still it's nice to see that horrible Blears come bottom.

Anonymous said...

Stuff Fraser Nelson.

New Labour just became Old Labour.