Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Misrepresented by 'teh' Guardian

I guess you know you've arrived when the Guardian misrepresents something you've said. This morning I posted and defended the principle of academic selection, but said that more grammar schools was not the solution.

Instead of a system whereby you split kids up at 11 or 12 into different schools (grammar and secondary modern), we should have proper streaming of children based on academic ability in individual subjects within schools.

However, if you were to read the Guardian blog you'd probably assume that I was calling for a mass grammar school building programme. *shrugs*


Anonymous said...

Do you mean streaming or do you mean setting? In the former I am in the top class, say, for all subjects. In the latter I can be in the top set in French and the bottom set in Maths. I would prefer the latter.

dizzy said...

OK, what I mean is what was called streaming and setting when I was at school. It appears they were the other round to no - either that or too much lSD in my youth shot my mind to pieces (possible)

Anonymous said...

Grammer schools give you LSD to experience? Cool: school "trips"! Talk about a well-rounded education. I'm not sure I'd be up to a grammer education! LOL

Sorry: just trying to mis-interpret something you said (wrote). JOurnos these days: poorly edgacated, generation Whine.

Anonymous said...

You can combine streaming and setting; you can either stream earlier on and then go to setting later (this is quite common, keeps the class together as one until Year 9/third form or Year 10/4th form, at which point setting takes place) or else set within a stream.

The former of the two streaming/setting combinations works pretty well if you have a big ability range, as in a comprehensive.