Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Admissions of information security leaks at the DWP?

Apparently, the DWP has made no estimate of how many individuals have had their personal data stolen from their Department and its executive agencies over the last five years. It does however acknowledge that in 2004 approximately 8,800 members of staff had their personal data stolen from the department.

Putting aside the rather scary admission of failing security in 2004, might the reason they have made no other estimates have anything to do with the December 2005 news that potentially all 13,000 job centre staff had their personal data compromised after the total breakdown and security failure of the UK tax credit portal?

I imagine they're trying to forget that little cock-up!


Anonymous said...

have a look on google this was well covered a while ago.

dizzy said...

Already have. The point I was making that DWP appears to only be presenting the one breach when it is well known that there have been others.