Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Better Backs - what happened to the spandex?

Back in October last year, I spotted a campaign website by the Health and Safety Executive about a spoof rock band called Baackpain. At the same time I wondered about the fake eBay auction the HSE set up as well. A couple of days later the Times followed up on the story and discovered that the website was part of a £2.5 million campaign to make sure we all sat up properly at work.

According to resposne from the DWP in Parliament yesterday, there have been two specifc "Better Backs" websites over the past few years, and they have managed to get 182,191 visits in that time (that's about 250 visits a day if you were wondering). The total cost spent ont he websuite is £121,000 so we're looking at roughly 60p a visit, which, compared to some other websites is reasonable.

What I really want to know is whether the person that bid £2050 for the non-existent spandex on eBay was the HSE rigging the auction and breaking eBay's rules. After all, the HSE even boasts,/a> about the fake auction on their site. The public has a right to know what happened to the spandex goddamit!

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Alex P said...

It was a pretty inspired campaign though, potential eBay rule breaking aside. Rather more inspiring then just being instructed on posture!