Monday, May 28, 2007

Lib Dem Voice to close down on June 19th

They may have a habit of over-egging the pudding and elevating non-entity members of local associations into "top tories" but Lib Dem Voice has at least provided their own membership with a place to discuss things.

Unfortunately for them it appears it is no longer workable, and according to this post the end is nigh. Rob Fenwick has posted saying,
"it’s been decided that the Lib Dem Voice blog will close to new contributions and comments on June 19th, and the forum will close on the same day. The blog will continue to be available as an archive for some time thereafter, forum posts will not - please ensure you take a copy of any posts that are valuable to you."
Oh well, another blog bites the dust.


Praguetory said...

I'm predicting that Bloggers4Labour will be the next one to hit the sidings.

Croydonian said...

I can think of at least two 'top Tories' who will miss LDV's occasional efforts to monster them.