Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Become a vegan, save the planet from doom

The so-called politics of behaviour is very fashionable at the moment. Last week we had the Government telling pregnant women not to drink a single drop of alcohol even though doctors don't think such warnings are necessary.

Ironically of course when it comes to abortion it is the woman's choice that is considered the key in the decision to kill her unborn. Yet here we have the womans choice to (potentially) kill her unborn being proscribed against. It's a major victory for policy consistency don't you think?

Then, over the weekend we learned that the Government had strong-armed the alcohol industry into putting wanrings on their products by threatening legislation if they didn't.The result is that we will now have health warnings that state the bleeding obvious, drinking gets you drunk and you might end up making a prat of yourself (been there, done that, got the t-shirt, don't care). "Know Your limits" we will be told, assuming we;re able to read it when we're drunk.

Then we move on to today, and a sory in the Daily Mail, which, if it is to be believed (and I stress that caveat), claims that someone at the Environment Agency sent an email to some Vegetarian group implying that DEFRA wants to drip, drip us all into becoming vegetarians at the least, and vegans at best.

Why? Well, according to the leaked email it's all because of that old chestnut climate change. We all know cows fart a lot, and we all know methane is a "bad" gas. We therefore need to reduce the number of cows. Additionally we expends lots of energy (read, CO2) growing food to feed them before we cook them with hot sauce on the barbie. Thus the environmental and food fascists have the perfect solution, we should all start having bland diets of tofu and quorn.

I guess we'll all have to wait and see whether the proposals ever get past the desk of someone of power. We'll know if we start to see Government sponsored adverts that encourage us to examine our "consumption of animal protein" (hasn't that already happens with the whole Mars Bar and rennet nonsense?).

The question though is what happens to all the cows and other animals we currently enjoy eating when we turn into planet svaing hippies? After all, they have "rights", right? We can't just kill them, and we couldn't possibly impinge on their right to procreate could we? The cows are trying to take over, I'm telling you it's true!


Caroline Hunt said...

The day the government tries to makes us vegetarians then I will be starting a revolutionary group! That would be beyond the pale!

Anonymous said...

I did hear a rumour, down at The Old Goat And Terrapin over the weekend, that David Milipede was convinced that breakfasting on toast was a source of CO2 emissions that needed to be tackled urgently - I mean the bread's been cooked once already, for heaven's sake...

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, The link to the Daily Mail story is broken! :(

Shame, as I wanted a laugh!

dizzy said...


Anonymous said...

Can we eat vegetarians?.A simple look in the mirror sinks the vegan myth cannine teeth and binocular vision hmm makes us predators.It is belived that eating meat made our brains what they are because pound for pound meat is better nutritionaly.Have you looked at vegans they look so unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Dizzy.
(PS any comment on the email I sent you?)

Anonymous said...

they'll be probably telling us not to drink water next - the biggest greenhouse house gas by far is actually water vapour.

but then, the greens wouldnt really mind if the world's population was knocked down by a billion or two.

guess who was the first "green" party and had a leader who was vegetarian and tee total?

the NSDAP.

go figure.

Anonymous said...

Can vegans eat bread? The yeast gives off CO2, doesn't it?

Why don't we all just kill ourselves, then we won't produce any CO2. Apart from when our bods rot. And methane.