Friday, May 18, 2007

Just you wait until flock wallpaper becomes fashionable again!

Not long ago the departmental headquarters of the Ministry of Defence started going through a refurbishment. The cost to the taxpayer of the refurb is, according to Derek Twigg, estimated to be £323 million exclusive of VAT. According to the MoD the refurbishment means that there will be no need for any more work in the building for at least 20 years.

Who believes that they (and by "they" I just mean Government in general not a specifc political party) won't refurb it again before 2027? Fashions change, styles change. I can hear the argument now.... "laminate flooring is soooo Twenty Naughties, lino is back and it's easier and cleaner, and flock wallpaper is so retro chic!"

Update: Going by the comments is someone telling porkies?


Anonymous said...


I thought the figure was £2,330 million. (2.3 billion).

dizzy said...

Not according to them

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the PAC published a figure of 2.3 billion back in Jan or Feb.

Will need to look it up.

Anonymous said...


dizzy said...

ooooo fibs!

Anonymous said...

Ok, they may be right on the capital costs, although there was a cost overrun discussed in committee, but the 30 year PFI will come to the 2.3 billion figure.

Anonymous said...

PAC committee meeting 20/3/05 discussing cost overruns.

interesting to note that Modus will have the right to lease unused floor space, tenant will pay MOD, who will then pay modus.

are the MOD then paying MODUS twice? once for the tenant, and again under the PFI agreement.

Anonymous said...

sorry, left out the URL

Anonymous said...

Actually, the answer given by Derek Twigg is not entirely an honest one.

[holding answer 8 May 2007]: The physical refurbishment of the Department’s main building cost £323 million (VAT exclusive) and has delivered a modern and efficient workspace capable of intensive use for the next 20 years and beyond.

That figure is just the capital cost for the main building but does not cover the extent of the contract which included the Old War Rooms, taking the cost a lot higher.

also, the 20 year and beyond statement is misleading, as the PFI contract is for 30 years.