Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Hitch on Falwell

That's Chris Hitchens, not the other Hitch.


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CH is another type of blowhard- so much a mirror image of Jerry Falwell, the man he ridiculed less than 2 days after his death, that he is blind to his own pompous rantings. Give the guy's family a little time to mourn before you spit vitrol! (Talk about someone who preaches about morality and right behavoir and beliefs, did CH's mother not teach him basic civility?)

I was never a fan of JF, but he is not responsible for all the evils of this world. His politics and his religion are not mine, but he showed the elites in washington and in the ivory towers of our universities that their smug distain for all people of faith would have a push back at the polls and in society at large.

IF CH had his way, jackbooted thugs would teach us all the way to speak and think according to his standards. At least JF understood the value of freedom of religion/thought. I could reject his. I am afraid if CH was as influential, we would be silenced or forced to accept his worldview.

When secularists/ atheists get power it is they that jam their beliefs down the throats of others (Don't forget Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot) The people of faith I know are as reasonable, educated, and civil as anyone. CH has a boogey man image that comes from fiction and movies and not the real world we live in.


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Excellent !!