Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Fixed Threat Assessment Centre

Ever heard of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre? Me either, but apparently it's a team that was set up last year and is part of Blair's draconian Police powers. The team works to stop stalkers attacking important people like the PM and Royal Family and makes full use of the mental health laws in the process.

Personally speaking I've never been a fan of the mental health laws that the Government has brought in. The idea that you can be detained on the basis that you might do something because someone deemed you a bit of a nutter seems to me to be way off the mark.

Take someone like John Nash for example and think of the implications. In his case he really was mentally ill, but the mental health laws that exist here are far more wide reaching, and, apparently the Government wants to cast their reach even wider including being able to declare someone mentally disorder on the grounds of their cultural, political or religious beliefs.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is it seems, an organisation out of Scotland Yard that makes full use of these new laws to detain not just stalkers, but anyone that they think might pose a threat, especially a terrorist one. They may not have got 90 days detention without trial., but the mental health laws give them indefinite detention without trial instead.


Anonymous said...

"The team works to stop stalkers attacking important people like the PM and Royal Family.."

Nice! The rest of us can just put up with it, then..?

Chris Paul said...

Surely section 2 etc of the MHA has always allowed people to be sectioned if a threat to themselves or others? One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest anyone?

And to Juliam ... don't care too much about the royals sorry, though they are of course a target and a potential disaster if kidnapped etc, but the real head of govt does need some outriders surely? Whichever party?

Anonymous said...

Its an old Soviet Union trick- declare disidents as mentally ill, then lock them away in hospitals. Labour, like all members of Socialist regimes are common or garden vile Authoritarian C**ts. They're Traitors who've stolen my country.

Anonymous said...

Want to know why every professional body opposes the Mental Health Bill then visit here

And of course the beauty of this new unit for VIPs is that they will also be able to take your DNA.

rikki said...

and one of the first attempts to use these new draconian detention powers was when a 'special ops' officer approached peace protestor barbara tucker outside downing street and threatened her with sectioning. her crazy behaviour? peacefully wearing a large pink banner that had the words "bliar's genocide" along with pictures of iraqi children maimed during the war.