Sunday, May 27, 2007

Al Qaeda torture manual images released by US DoD

According to Fox News the US Department of Defence has released the contents of an Al Qaeda torture handbook which was found after a raid in Iraq. There is a link in the story to the content and images which are quite graphic, including drawing of preferred techniques, the necessary tools required (such as screwdrivers, drills and a vice, along with some photographs of victims.

It's all pretty grim, and I imagine the default reaction to them on the Left would be say that we, that is the West, engage in so-called "water-boarding" so what is the difference. Obviously it's impossible to know really what we do and don't do, but I don't think we put people's heads in vices or use an iron on their chest.


Anonymous said...

You say "but I don't [think] we put people's heads in vices or use an iron on their chest."

No: our lovely governments just turn a blind eye whilst suspects (or lower ranking still, interms of rights, "enemy combatants") are flown off to some jolly 3rd world or developing country which is currently a kind of ally in this weirdness called "The War on Terror". In that country, where it is suspected (but there's no proof, mind, if you just disregard Amnesty International) that these kind of techniques ARE utilised.

I'm looking forward to a time where we might consider ourselves civilised. We keep getting close, then our governments let the fucking side down.

dizzy said...

Typo corrected. I never said we were civilised.

Chris Paul said...

Type isn't corrected in my edition ... seems to me we (wider we) employ all kinds of heinous torturing techniques fairly directly. Remember Ms England? And we also use surrogates. And we use so called sophisticated technques to do the same thing exactly as more rustic ones and then claim the moral high ground.

There is no moral high ground when it comes to torture and the same goes for terror ...