Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lib Dem candidate says "vote Labour"

Apparently a Lib Dem candidate in the Salisbury district council election has decided to stand down as a candidate and has effectively urged the voters to vote for Labour. The ward has two Tory councillors currently, and there were two Lib Dems and one Labour fighting it against them.

Frances Condliffe, one of the Lib Dem candidates, decided to step down on the grounds that an anti-Tory vote would be split, so it's better for people to just have two candidates, one Lib Dem and one Labour.

The amusing thing is that this Lib Dem doesn't even live in the ward, and nor does the Labour candidate. So we have the odd scenario where a Lib Dem who lives in one ward is telling the voters of another ward to vote for a Labour candidate who lives in another ward.


Unknown said...

Just plain daft !

Richard Havers said...

Dizzy, for God's sake man. Anyone with a scintilla of sense knows that Lib Dems know what's best for us.

Just think yourself lucky that you're not in Scotland where Nicol Stephen spends his entire time telling us what's best for us, while deviously getting a bigger mortgage through the MSPs Edinburgh housing allowance. Tells us that it's his moral duty only to back the largest party in Scotland in the event of a hung parliament - despite the fact that the majority of people will vote against what will be the largest party. They are the party that talks the talk, but somehow never remember to walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

Possibly a reflection on how difficult the lib dems and labour are finding it to find candidates prepared to stand

Anonymous said...

LibDems are strange animals